Cannabis Training Programs for Businesses & Teams

Empower Your People to Succeed in Cannabis

We work with cannabis operators of all sizes to help you build a training program that meets the specific needs of your team and your business while making regulatory compliance simpler to maintain and manage.

Green Flower for Business offers a wide range of team-focused cannabis training program options, including:

  • Onboarding training for new cannabis employees
  • Professional development training for leaders, and 
  • An all-inclusive training platform for your entire organization.
  • Certificate programs and digital credentials to enhance the credibility of your employees and business
  • Mandatory compliance training available in every state

How Green Flower Training Impacts Your Business

achieve compliance
Ensure your operations are run in accordance with state, federal, and where appropriate, international rules, and prepare to grow and succeed in the highly regulated cannabis industry.
Reduce Employee Churn

One of the top reasons employees leave a company is the lack of employee training and development. Let us help you do this right, which will reduce your turnover, save you money, and create a strong culture.

Improve Sales

Nothing builds more confidence than a well-informed and educated salesperson. Not only will your front-of-house team achieve increased customer ‘buy-in,’ they will also increase your referral rates exponentially.

Attract Better Talent

Attract and hire the best candidates by showing how your company culture and learning programs connect employees to their deepest professional aspirations. Provide employees the opportunities they seek, accelerate their growth, and be the brand they remember helped to transform their careers.

It can be very costly and difficult to provide best-in-class training to all your new people as you grow. With Green Flower, that worry is eliminated forever as we can start small and scale big to ensure every new hire has the knowledge, skills, and guidance they need to succeed.

Your One-Stop Shop for Cannabis Training

Cannabis Compliance Training Programs

Whether it’s state-approved Responsible Vendor Training (RVT), or the health and safety-focused Cannabis Handler’s Certificate (CHC), our programs will lighten your load when it comes to maintaining regulatory compliance.

Cannabis Onboarding Training Programs

Our off-the-shelf onboarding programs are highly engaging crash courses for new hires with little or no experience in cannabis, and help your new team members learn essential topics for their success in the commercial cannabis industry.

Industry-Backed Professional Certificates & Digital Credentials

Get your team formally credentialed as a Dispensary Associate, Cultivation Technician, or Manufacturing Agent. These credentials have been developed, adopted, and embraced by the industry as the gold standard for professional development in cannabis.

Customized Training Solution For Your Company

Build a fully customized training program specific to your team’s needs. Upload your own content, build with our content library, get real-time results, contain your training budget with transferable licenses, and much more!

Ganjier For Business

Known throughout the industry as “The Cannabis Sommelier Certification”, Ganjier will teach your top level leaders how to become masters of cannabis products, assessment, and service.

What Cannabis Industry Leaders Are Saying

The Costs of Not Properly Training Your People

Training is not a cost.

It is an investment with a measurable ROI.

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of companies report that staff turnover has a negative financial impact on the business.

Employees who feel they cannot develop within the company are 12 times more likely to leave.

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The cost of replacing a departing team member is 33% of their salary on average.

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of millennials say training is the top benefit they expect from their company.

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Average profitability jumps 24% after investing in standardized training resources.

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Studies show productivity increases at least 10% with effective, job-focused training.

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Compliance fines and OSHA penalties have risen by 6.2% in recent years.

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of your people can be ready for the next chapter of commercial cannabis with proper training.

the business investment that pays for itself

Let us show you how.

There’s a reason why so many of the leading cannabis companies, universities, and government institutions trust Green Flower – it’s because our training works.

To look deeper at our cannabis education platform, content, and capabilities, please get in touch with us.